Practice upright laptop posture by simply
placing the laptop on Neck Neutraliser

Elevates the Screen to Eye level

Neck Neutraliser works simply by elevating the screen to eye level as advised by Ergonomist. This prevents the laptop user from having to slouch to look at the screen.

Keeps the neck in neutral Posture

Bending your head forward for prolonged time can stress your neck and shoulder pain. Neck Neutraliser prevents users from having to bend down to look at the laptop screen.

Maintains S shape of the spine

Since you don’t have to bend down to look at the screen you will naturally maintain S shape of the spine.

Improves Lung capacity

Slouched posture can reduce lung capacity by as much as 30%. This prevents your body from pulling in the amount of oxygen that it needs. By practicing upright laptop posture breath better.

Hunched Laptop Posture

Upright posture with Neck Neutralizer

Neck Neutraliser

  • Made of High Quality Plastic
  • Comes with Anti Skid surface
    to keep the laptop in its place
  • Available in Dual colours